EN: Ignacia Murtagh is a chilean product designer. Her background includes a mayor in Design in Santiago Chile, brief studies in Furniture Design in Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, a Post Experience Program in Ceramic Design in the Royal College of Art in London, an apprenticeship in the Royal Crown Derby Bone China Manufacturers in Derby, UK and a artist in residence program at the Textile Arts Center in New York. Her work ranges from ceramic, furniture and textile design, creating objects with a strong connection with contemporary living and an aesthetical experience.

Chile´s nature and landscape is her main source of inspiration. She carefully studies her source and how it can be translated into contemporary objects that communicate the poetic beauty of nature. Her design method is wide: Some projects will be found in local and traditional methods and its reinterpretation into contemporary pieces. Other will respond to its materiality and manufacturing process. It all depends on the story behind the product and how materiality, function and form are coherent with the narrative that structures and characterize the pureness of her work.

SP: Ignacia Murtagh es una diseñadora chilena de objetos. Su trabajo incluye el diseño de objetos principalmente de muebles, cerámica y textil.  Explora el uso de distintos materiales y técnicas, el limite entre producción artesanal e industrial. 

El sentido de su trabajo es crear objetos significativos, que encuentren un balance entre funcionalidad, estética y concepto, entendiendo el diseño como un medio de difusión cultural. De líneas simples, elegantes y orgánicas, el trabajo de Ignacia Murtagh destaca por su alusión a la naturaleza, la observación de pequeños detalles que después de un profundo estudio se transforman en relevantes objetos.



·2015-2016 Textile Design
Artis in Residence. Textile Art Center. New York. United States
·2012 Apprenticeship
Royal Crown Derby Bonechina Manufacturers. Derby. UK. 

·2012 Ceramic Design

Post Experience Program. Royal College of Art. London. UK.

·2010. Furniture Design
Exchange Program. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Copenhagen. Denmark

·2007-2011 Major in Design
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago. Chile.